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how to close up a knitted scarf

The main body of this scarf is worked in stockinette stitch, the most common of all stitch patterns, which is formed by alternating knit rows and purl rows. The scarf's border is worked in garter stitch, made by working every row in a knit stitch. ... More

stellaris how to build a spaceport

2/11/2016 · How to survey new systems and build space stations in Stellaris An Earned in Blood Film. ... More

how to draw toothless wikihow

Step 1 – Draw a potato-shaped circle with guidelines thru it. Step 2 – Draw a letter ‘v’ shape on the top of the head and in the center. – Draw seed shapes at the top of the circle. ... More

how to clean grinder and get hash

26/02/2011 · I got my grinder, gave it a little clean out to get the worst of the leaf material etc out (though I didn't do a great job). .2. Took my pot I usually do BHO into. ... More

how to draw hot chocolate step by step

Review these step-by-step instructions for making light and flaky scones. Between prep time and bake time, you can have hot ones in under a half-hour. Between prep time and bake time, you can have hot ones in under a half-hour. ... More

how to answer a pdhpe questions usuing peel

Annotate means to write notes in the margins of the text or write on sticky notes. Your notes should be about your question. Before you read the text, read the question, so you know what you need to look for. The question points you in the right direction. What would be the best ... More

how to draw a dog side view

Description This lesson teaches you how to draw a dog from the side view. The subject selected in this lesson is the Brown dog. Dog drawing from the side view will be an introduction to learning dog drawing from the 3/4 view and the front view. ... More

how to build a concrete ramp form

9/11/2018 We have a challenge between two BMX riders to see who can build the best ramp out of concrete and we also do a how to build a concrete ramp ... More

how to change the email of a microsoft account

A Microsoft account is any account youve used for Microsoft-provided email or other online services. Most commonly, that means that your,,,, or other Microsoft-provided email address is already your Microsoft account. ... More

dragon ball fusions how to create a new cac

Special Moves – Dragon Ball Fusions. Special Moves are your super attacks in Dragon Ball Fusions. These range from different signature moves, such as the Kamehameha, to huge combos. ... More

how to fix a soft close drawer slide

Undermount soft close drawer runners featuring a single extension system and available in four different sizes. Call into our Dublin store to view our full range. ... More

how to ghost a hard drive using symantec

25/10/2006 · I can't help with the Ghost problem since I stopped using Ghost a LONG time ago. Probably since 2003. Acronis is the better solution. For those cases where I MUST use ghost then I use Ghost32 which runs on BartPE. ... More

how to cook chicken chilli

A simple chilli con carne dish made with chicken! Chicken is pan-seared, then transferred to a slow cooker with tomatoes, beans and seasonings. ... More

how to clean luxaflex roller blinds

Luxaflex® Roller Blinds can be whatever you need them to be. It means you can unify your home with one style of window covering, yet every room can receive the individual treatment it requires. And because Roller Blinds are sleek and simple, they can complement almost any interior theme. ... More

how to become a stralian privit recrutment agent act

Recruitment Company specialising in Permanent Recruitment, Temporary staff, Government jobs, Accounting and Finance jobs, Industrial jobs, Office jobs, Managed Services and Graduate Recruitment HOBAN Recruitment – Staffing Services Temporary Staff, Permanent staff and jobs in Australia ... More

how to change opening picture on windows 10

9/08/2012 · None of these solutions work with my Windows 10 (free upg from Win7). My case is I have all jpg/jpeg/png's open In MS Office 2010 Picture Manager. ... More

how to add a guest to twitch event

5/11/2016 · OBS Studio is a recording/streaming software that allows you to either do local recordings or stream to online streaming services such as In this video I will show you the BEST ... More

how to connect moto e3 power to pc via usb

Must Read: 5 tips for secure Android Phone. Follow the easy steps to unlock bootloader Moto E3 Power: Step 1: Download and install Moto E3 Power USB driver on your PC and enable USB debugging mode on your Moto E3 Power Smartphone by this guide and OEM unlocking in developer option . ... More

how to delete picasa auto backup photos on android

Just like Auto Backup for Android and iOS, your photos and videos backed up to Auto Backup for Mac and Windows are defaulted to private and are for your … ... More

how to build red blood cells after chemo

Patients with low blood cell counts usually suffer from fatigue, so building qi to improve energy is also an important component of treatment. Tonify the Kidney and Spleen improves fatigue. Peony root and angelica are commonly used blood tonic herbs. Ginseng is a famous qi tonic that builds Kidney energy. ... More

how to become workplace health and safety officer

23/12/2018 · Occupational health and safety officers plan, implement and monitor workplace health and safety programs for a variety of industries and organizations. They also are called health and safety specialists, health and safety inspectors and other titles. To become an occupational health and safety ... More

how to use front wheel drive hub puller

Allows you to work on your front-wheel drive vehicles Comes in a heavy-duty case for ease of storage Removes and installs wheel bearings with steering knuckle and strut assembly still on the vehicle - eliminates need for alignment. ... More

how to become a csi uk

The CSI Crime Scene Investigation part of the course examines the preservation, documentation and collection of evidence at the crime scene. You will learn how to approach the crime scene, package the evidence and the documentation required. ... More

how to draw on black velvet

Note that velvet requires soft edges and dramatic contrast in shadows. To make something shiny, draw dark shadows next to the lightest value. Black is used in the shadows to enhance the contrast and make it appear shiny. Take care when completing your shadows keeping the highlights thin and sharp using a … ... More

how to create a vlan in packet tracer

In this tutorial we will setup a practice lab for VLAN in Packet Tracer. Same lab will be used for the practice of VTP Server and Client configuration, DTP configuration, STP Configuration, Intra ... More

how to build medieval things in minecraft

"The Top 20 Things You Need to Build in Minecraft" "dont have enough in my enventory for this" "I think this build is pretty good but I'll make the tower taller, and I love the way of the blades but I'll make the tower taller." "Medieval Bundle minecraft pack ideas 6" See more. How To Play Minecraft Minecraft Ideas Minecraft Architecture Survival Mode Stay At Home Mom. minecraft nether builds ... More

how to cut soft cheese

How to Slice Cheese. If you have a block of soft or hard cheese, you'll probably want to serve it in slices for your guests to enjoy. You can leave sliced cheese out for sandwiches or for guests to snack on as part of a cheese platter. ... More

how to draw shrug design pics

Try making up your own filet crochet, which is simply a pattern of stitches and holes that make a design in a flat grid. If you are artistic, you can begin with a basic pattern and chart your own design. ... More

minecraft how to build a pistion

Ok need serious help, I'm making a false 4 tile floor which would lead to a ladder, I have 8 sticky pistons 4 to push and pull the blocks up and down on the floor and another 4 to retract the previous 4 pistons to open the floor for the ladder. ... More

how to delete garageband files

23/03/2009 · I recently deleted all my Garageband files and emptied the trash by mistake, and I spent ALL YESTERDAY trying to find software to recover it. I spent $100 for Data Rescue 2, which I thought would work, but after talking to their customer service i was informed that DR2 is incapable of recovering "packaged files", hence Garageband. ... More

how to delete accounts on ps4 2016

Even when we delete accounts, we will retain any data we need to comply with legal obligations (like paying taxes and enforcing our terms), to ensure the security and integrity of our systems as well as ensure the rights and freedoms of others (including EA). ... More

how to build a huge modern mansion in minecraft

Luxury Lair! A modern mansion packed with clever contraptions! Imagine building a vast mansion, inspired by the precise architecture of the Villa Savoye and the high-tech home of Iron Man. What do you think you would you call it? Coming up with a name grand enough to fit such a huge and impressive house might be difficult. Team Cr3Art, a group of eight French builders, decided that it would be ... More

how to dry clean a couch

Let Chem-Dry provide you with a refreshing upholstery cleaning that extends the life of your furniture and is safe and healthy for kids and pets. We will send a professional upholstery cleaner to refresh and clean your furniture, bringing new life to your living space. Once our upholstery cleaning process is complete, your furniture will be dry quickly so it’s ready to be used by you and ... More

how to connect laptop camera to photobooth

If possible connect the camera directly to a port on your computer using the cables supplied with the camera. Connecting via a hub or using a longer cable may result in an unreliable connection. Connecting via a hub or using a longer cable may result in an unreliable connection. ... More

how to draw a left eye

12/05/2007 · You can also try turning the page upside-down to draw the left eye, so that you draw the curved lines using similar motions. Draw lots of eyes. Find drawings of eyes that you like, and trace them to get used to the shapes and curves. ... More

how to become a motor mechanic

8/06/2011 · Motorcycle mechanics specialize in the repair and overhaul of motorcycles, motor scooters, mopeds, dirt bikes, and all-terrain vehicles. Besides repairing engines, they may work on transmissions ... More

how to change your age on stardoll

3/12/2008 then change your birth date, after changing click on save changes, that will appear when you finish changing it. Remember you can't save the changes if you don't enter the pass, for stardoll to save your changes you need to enter it. ... More

how to call secondary axis vba

15/09/2010 Excel VBA to create Charts and Set Axes(xlcategory): font size and type, minor axis visible (Office 2010); macro recorder problems I would like to personalize the xlcategory axis including: 1) font size and type, 2) show Axis Minor Grid lines (visible, color, and weight). ... More

how to become a cigar aficionado

Cigar Aficionado is a masculine fragrance by Cigar Aficionado. The scent was launched in 1997 . Reviews of Cigar Aficionado. There are 21 reviews of Cigar Aficionado. 11 Positive (52.4%) 5 Neutral (23.8%) 5 Negative (23.8%) Add your review of Cigar Aficionado rogalal Show all reviews United States. It's interesting - I can see how this fits perfectly on a timeline of mainstream masculine ... More

how to change fractions to decimals without a calculator

How to turn a mixed number (whole number with proper fraction) into a decimal: Step One: Write down the whole number and a decimal point. Step Two: Convert the proper fraction into a decimal just as you have been taught in school. ... More

how to delete huffpost relationships

Go back to iTunes and delete the shortened version of the song by right clicking and selecting "Delete." 9. Drag the file from your desktop to your iTunes library under Music. ... More

how to become a cost accountant

22/01/2018 CMA Course Details How to Become Cost Management Accountant ICMAI Course Complete Details How to Become Cost Accountant The Institute of Cost Management Accountants of India. In this vedio ... More

how to download from recorder app to pc

How To Play Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder (Free) APK On PC,Laptop,Tablet. 1.Download and Install Android Emulator on PC,Laptop,Tablet.Click Download Emulator to download. ... More

how to create symbolic link in solaris

How to Create Links. To create a symbolic link for sharing the data between the two users oracle and ora10, use the Linux command ln. Observe that under Linux, there are two types of links: hard links and symbolic links. ... More

how to clean puma bottle tops

Then, put the mixture in a spray bottle and use it to wipe down counters, clean mirrors, or sanitize doorknobs. Next, dilute the mixture even more and use it to mop floors or clean tile. You can also mix vinegar with baking soda to make a paste that cleans tough dirt or baked-on grime. ... More

how to connect midi keyboard to audio interface

Meanwhile, to record your keyboard in Audacity you will need to connect the audio out of your keyboard to a suitable audio interface connected to your computer to get the best result. The USB connection will transmit MIDI, the line level AUX output will be the output you will need to connect to the interface. Watch this space, obviously a lot of people struggle with the basics of this so I ... More

how to become an electricity retailer

Retailers must now provide: consumers, or a consumers authorised agent (agent), with their electricity consumption data; generally available retail tariff plans to any person upon request. ... More

how to clear image cache in jquery

Hi, nice post. I faced a different situation: i'm making a simple full size preview for the image and i must load a regular file from server. There is no server-side code. ... More

how to not binge eat when drunk

"Often people minimise the problem and say, 'It's not so bad, everybody else drinks'. Even if it's infrequent, binge drinking has a big impact. Even if it's infrequent, binge drinking has a big ... More

minecraft how to build a easy tnt cannon

Minecraft: Chaos Cannon V4 [Extremely Deadly TNT Cannon!] [Super Compact!] [1.7/1.8+] I've finally finished the chaos cannon with version, with all of the problems fixed while being super compact. Thank you for watching yet another video. ... More

how to clean mould from felshlight

Detecting Bathroom Mold. Bathroom mold is common because of the constant source of moisture, especially under the sink if there are any leaks. Check in and behind the cabinet periodically. ... More

how to create a saved playlist in mpc-hc

Media Player Classic - Home Cinema is a powerful yet versatile free media player which is also one of the fastest in the multimedia players market. This fantastic free media player comes with its own pack of codecs allowing you to seamlessly playback a wide range of media file formats. What you are about to learn in this tutorial is how to create a new playlist with your video or audio files. ... More

how to connect your wireless router

1. Connect an Ethernet cable to the port labeled "Internet" or "WAN" on the back of your wireless router. Connect the other end of the cable to the Ethernet port on your cable modem. ... More

how to become a marriage celebrant nz

The Marriage Celebrant Course provides comprehensive training for students in planning and conducting wedding and civil union ceremonies that celebrate the joy and solemnity of two people committing to a lifetime with each other. ... More

how to change wallpaper microsoft translate

7/09/2016 · How you can change or customize your pc or laptop background with beautiful theme and other colourfull wallpapers .here is i have shown how to … ... More

how to change itunes email on iphone

3 Change iCloud Email on an iPhone; 4 Can You Activate Your iPhone on a Different iTunes Account? Your Apple iPhone lets you keep in touch with ... More

how to draw manga covers

Towards the end the reader is introduced to more complex drawing projects and there is a guide to covers, style sheets and layouts. There is a brief sidebar on "breaking into the biz" but by and large this is a book focusing on the drawing. ... More

how to backup your gmail account to your hard drive

If your backups are uploaded to Google, they're encrypted using your Google Account password. For some data, your device's screen lock PIN, pattern, or password is also used for encryption. For some data, your device's screen lock PIN, pattern, or password is also used for encryption. ... More

how to delete application crash reports

They could put in a string to delete the old crash reports on game launch. This game crashes so often that this should be a thing. This game crashes so often that this should be a thing. permalink ... More

how to build fence on uneven ground ark

Trex Deck Plans Free Garden Shed Material List How To Build A Ground Deck Without Digging Trex Deck Plans Free 108 Schedule Miway Ideas For A Shade Flower Garden How ... More

how to catch zapdos in emerald

Inside the power plant, make your way through the building, solving whatever silly puzzle that is usually there, and in the last room, you'll find Zapdos. If you search well enough, you can even see Zapdos sitting in another room on the screen, but there's a wall in the way so you have to solve the puzzle in the building to get to it. ... More

how to draw nike shoes step by step easy

While working on the kd 8, nike basketball design director leo chang quickly how to draw basketball shoes step by step admits that the signature icon the two fanged heel counter.His own special and confidential valet, Frank, had charge of this room.But also all other printed matter.I could have mentioned it to the old king, but what would be the use. ... More

how to achieve my goals in life

The way I achieve my goals is by doing it until I learn from doing. Then I analysis my progress. I track my progress. I compare my progress to when I first began. I never compare myself to others. What others are doing or did is none of my business. ... More

how to clear congested skin

My skin got clear at the end of February and I was super happy and then I had major breakouts again afterwards, it is a bit frustrating. I think Id like to find out what I really need to do now. I think Id like to find out what I really need to do now. ... More

how to build a mini halfpipe for skateboarding

Related Items halfpipe howto ramp How To {Build} A Quarter Pipe For Ramp Skateboarding {First} you will {^hk^hk26^^} to {^hk^hkyourselfhk55^^yourselfhk55^^^^} on what size your quarter pipe is going to be and you will {^hk^hk26^^} a set of plans. ... More

how to drive in snow and ice video

When ice or snow first falls, it seems the majority of weather-related crashes are in four- and all-wheel-drive vehicles, because having all four wheels powered makes drivers think they are Mikko ... More

how to change windows 10 resolution

Set or Change the Screen Resolution. The screen resolution of a monitor determines how much information is displayed on the screen. It is measured horizontally and vertically in pixels. ... More

zwei the ilvard insurrection how to change controls

Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... More

how to delete history from instagram

... More

how to draw girl skipping

"this how to draw manga boys hair manga girls hair this how to draw manga eyes this one, how to dram manga nose and mouth this one, how to draw mangas face after " "how to draw manga nose - ... More

how to design draw dyi worksheet

How to Draw Worksheets for The Young Artist: How To Draw Stone Stairs, Lesson and Worksheet . Visit Thomas Romain Interior Architecture Drawing Interior Design Drawing Drawing Room Design Interior Design Process House Drawing Interior Sketch Architecture Logo Architecture Sketchbook Perspective. ThomasRomain ?????? on ?????. ??. ??. Drawing Lessons Drawing ... More

how to connect to itunes on iphone 8

1.1 Fix iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes with iTunes Before iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes, if you have synced iPhone with iTunes, you can use this solution to help you. The following steps will instruct you to solve how to unlock iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes with iTunes. ... More

how to become a public accountant australia

28/08/2015 Meet Sara and learn how she--and YOU--can become a CPA! - SUBSCRIBE LIKE COMMENT SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE CPA VIDE... ... More

how to cut song short on windows

15/05/2013 · how to trim music in windows movie maker how to trim a song how to cut a song on windows media player how to trim mp3 songs how to trim songs how to trim a song on windows live movie maker how to ... More

how to become a gastroenterologist

A gastroenterologist is a medical practitioner who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a patient affected by problems related to gastrointestinal organs (also known as digestive system) like small intestine, gallbladder, colon, Bile duct, pancreas, stomach and other related parts. ... More

how to break ankles 2k16

MyTEAM Why do people trash talk when they "break" your ankles in park when it's at least 5x easier with gold ankle breaker now compared to 2k16? ( self.NBA2k ) submitted 2 years ago by Shoty6966-_ … ... More

how to clean dirt carpet

How To Clean Dirty Carpet how to clean dirty carpet carpet cleaning pleasant gap pa cleaning dirty berber carpet red house interiors. how to clean dirty carpet carpet cleaning long island new york dirty carpet bed bugs stains house remodel ideas. how to clean dirty carpet carpet cleaning sydney carpet cleaning sydney minimalist design pictures ... More

how to cancel amazon prime free trial 2018

To sign up for the Amazon Prime free trial, Read also: Amazon Prime Day 2018: Everything you need to know - CNET. The main thing you need to remember about Amazon Business is that it ... More

how to clean old seal off corny keg lid

5/09/2012 This way you simply have to let the pressure off of the head space, open the main keg seal, remove the first dry hop bag, toss the new pre-assembled second dry hop bag in, close the main keg seal, and flush the head space with co2. Easy Peasy. ... More

how to delete outlook account 2017

Finally you can close Registry Editor and restart Outlook. You will see that the recent search history list have been cleaned up, shown as the screenshot below: You will see that the recent search history list have been cleaned up, shown as the screenshot below: ... More

how to eat banh xeo

Regarding Vietnamese culinary, Pho is considered the best traditional dish of Vietnamese people. However, we always seem to forget that another traditional Vietnamese dish Banh Xeo is much loved. ... More

how to create linked server in sql server 2016

Many of the world's most powerful programs and websites use SQL to manage the incredible amount of data they work with on a daily basis. As a result, understanding how to query data from platforms like Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is a highly valuable skill. ... More

how to clean install self built computer windows 10 reddit

Windows 10 tip: Repair your Windows 10 installation. Performing a clean install or a reset means you have to reinstall apps and desktop programs and start over with settings and preferences. ... More

how to move windows onto a new hard drive

Moving Windows 8.1 to a new hard drive (same pc) andywizard1 Jun 27, 2014, 12:28 PM I have a 350 gb HD that i installed the OEM version of Windows 8.1 on and i want to install windows 8.1 onto ... More

how to change brake pads

Making sure your brake pads are in proper working condition. Replacing brake pads when the time is right, will save you money in the long run. ... More

how to change a catheter bag nhs

The nephrostomy tube change is performed under sterile conditions and the doctor, the nurse or radiographer performing the exchange will wear sterile gowns and gloves. Your drainage bag will first be removed and a swab may be taken of the skin around your nephrostomy tube. The swab will be sent to the lab for analysis. A soft guide-wire is passed through the existing nephrostomy tube which can ... More

how to catch a barra

Solving the Barra Puzzle - by Jason Bird: WHEN I first started chasing barra around our impoundments sometime about seven years ago, I like so many others focused on water temperature as the major factor to success in getting the big girls to eat a lure. ... More

how to delete skate 3 career xbox one

The Skate share pack* (equivalent for Online Pass in Skate,) needs to be installed or re-installed if you want to join the Skate servers. This pack is available for free in the PlayStation Store and Xbox ... More

how to get native birds to eat from seed bell

Native finches are especially vulnerable, as they are usually quite specialised to a particular area and their seed grasses are often the first plants to go in housing developments. If they are scared away or die they will be replaced by foreign birds such as sparrows, pigeons or the dreaded Indian Mynah. ... More

how to delete a page out of a word document

You can delete a blank page in a Word document by deleting the page break at the end of the page. You can also combine two pages by deleting the page break between them. You can select and delete a single page of content anywhere in your document. Insert your cursor on a specific page containing ... More

how to become a licensed psychologist in california

If an industrial-organizational psychologist possess a great deal of emotional intelligence, they may be better able to provide solutions to these multifaceted and complex issues. Without a high degree of emotional intelligence, individuals may find a career in this field to be challenging to say the least. ... More

how to build wardrobe rails

Wardrobe Double Hang Clothes Rail. $22.95. As wardrobe specialists, we know exactly how to maximise your hanging rail space. The Wardrobe Clothes Rack is just the thing to help you make the most of vertical space in your wardrobe. ... More

how to add panels to a solar pv system

Can I Add Solar Panels to my solar system - It's Easy! The new systems available from Solaray Energy today are fully compatible with an existing system. The new systems available from Solaray Energy today are fully compatible with an existing system. ... More

how to download bank transactions into quickbooks desktop

For the desktop version of QuickBooks, you can set this up by going to Banking>Bank Feeds>Set Up Bank Feed for an Account. This option is only available if your bank participates with Intuit and you can only import transactions from the bank account. You cannot use a .QBO file to import non-bank data (such as if you are logging transactions elsewhere or with another type of software and wish ... More

how to build a snowman writing printable

Subject English Language Arts, Writing-Expository, Writing Grade Levels 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Resource Type Activities, Printables. File Type PDF (Acrobat) Document File ... More

sinampalukang manok how to cook

SINAMPALUKANG MANOK RECIPE. Sinampalukang manok, in need of definition, is chicken cooked ala-sinigang but uses young tamarind leaves along with the tamarind pulp to sour the broth. ... More

how to change jockey wheel bearing

How to Replace Trailer Wheel Bearings Noisy wheel bearings or any play in the hub can indicate that it is time to change the bearings. Replacing wheel bearings on a trailer is not as complicated as you might think. Here we will show you step by step how to replace the wheel bearings on your boat trailer. Removing the wheel. Step 1 – Remove the wheel. Loosen wheel nuts slightly to just ... More

how to buy electronics on the darkweb

Well it won't be labelled as "Cheap Premium Electronics." Since there won't be a smell, it'll likely pass just fine, unless the police already have reason to have their eyes on either your or the seller's mail. ... More

how to create a new youtube channel 2018

Launch a new Web browser window and log in to your YouTube account. Click your "Username" button in the upper-right corner of the YouTube page to reveal a drop-down menu. Select "My Channel." ... More

how to become a guardian for international students

Watch video · Thinking in terms of what international students can bring to university life as well as what universities can offer them is one of the drivers behind a project at Nottingham Trent University. ... More

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how to change pdf into excel file

13/08/2018 · To do so, navigate within your PDF file until the content you want to copy into Excel appears on your computer screen. Press the Print Screen key on your PC keyboard to copy the image into …

how to change thermal energy into electrical energy

In this lab, you will observe and measure the conversion of mechanical energy into thermal energy. You’ll measure the mechanical energy in Joules and the thermal energy in calories.

discord how to appear offline with mic on

1/04/2017 If discord were to ever appear as if extra help would come in handy, I would have no problem with it. In my opinion, right now, the concerns weigh out the need for it In my opinion, right now, the concerns weigh out the need for it

how to cook frozen meatballs

30/01/2015 · Quick way to prepare meatballs from frozen. I keep a small amount of frozen meatballs in the freezer for those rushed days. I keep a small amount of frozen meatballs in the freezer for those

how to bring down galakras solo

After the holidays and a few uneventful nights, we banded together and pushed ourselves to our limits to take down Deathwing in his final form, thus bringing an end to the Cataclysm.

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